cover of Real Time by S.L. Field

Real Time

The Adventure of The Thousand Years War begins…

Jen Kuchner has enough to deal with adjusting to life on Iverson Deep Space Transit Station as a contract linguist struggling to understand enemy transmissions. Cold sleep has reset her biological age back to seventeen, so she spends her days dealing with raging hormones, boredom, and a serious crush. At least there is one thing she and everyone at Iverson can count on—who their enemy is and how to fight it. That is, until Jen encounters an eerie presence which shatters that certainty. The enemy humans know is only a glimpse of a greater reality threatening to destroy humanity unless Jen and her colleagues can find a way to perceive it and to stop it.

Cover of The Storm by S. L. Field

The Storm

Humanity’s Combined Forces test every child at age 16. The best-and-brightest get academy offers; the psychics are simply taken and never heard from again. Can Mulan, the psychic senior daughter of her matriarchy, avoid that fate? Does she want to? Coming In 2024 Sarah Goes for a Walk Outside Guifei The Lucky And – The…

Cover of Gregory and the Gardener by S. L. Field

Gregory and the Gardener

Sometimes the enemy is not the alien Tronate, but your own tyrannical government. Gregory, though young, finds the courage to stand up for his people. A story of love, endurance, and the power of small acts to spark great change. Coming In 2024 Sarah Goes for a Walk Outside Guifei The Lucky And – The…