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What Is The Thousand Years War?

In 2211 Humanity embarked on its Journey to the stars. A century later, we were already caught up in an existential war against a shadowy enemy. A thousand years later, we were still fighting. The Thousand Years War reached from the earliest years of human interstellar exploration to the establishment of a stable confederation of human civilization spanning dozens of star systems and hundreds of disparate planets, moons, and freestanding deep space stations. Yet everywhere humanity went, the enemy followed, as variable and ingenious as the humans it targeted.

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  • What are the Stories of the War?

    What are the Stories of the War?

    For more than a thousand years all humanity fought: Many eras. Far-flung star systems. Diverse peoples, languages, and cultures. The frontier worlds and Core Systems. Every one of them has a story of the war, and how the arrival of The Corps changed everything. As in any war, many of the stories are thrilling, some…

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